Our company has been established in Poland in 1994. For number of years we have been part of group of companies building beverage delivery truck bodies. Over the years the company adopted its product to the European chassis brands, distribution systems and each country traditions. We are building our equipment based on 22 years of experience. Most of our innovative systems are now time proven. Many of truck body options like foldable side steps, dropped frame design, removable shelves, etc. are now industry bench mark.


            Today KTLC Europe is proud to continue building high quality, all aluminum, roll-up doors, durable truck bodies. We are continuously developing new solutions for our customers. The company is a strong believer in working closely, individually with each of them in order to supply custom build truck equipment. This rich history and tradition are the foundations on which we are building our success. While no one knows for sure what the future holds, KTLC Europe looks forward to being integral part of the distribution industry for a long time to come.